Three types of sponsors:

  1. Covenant sponsors: Are everyday people, looking to help support a local not-for-profit organization through our mission’s platform.
  2. Business sponsors: Businesses willing to volunteer for a period of days [One Saturday, two months, etc.] supporting a suggested nonprofit brand and/or pledge/plant a financial seed to a youth’s skill training.
  3. Donors: People who support by buying merchandise, meal items, or by making a donation on the day a fundraiser is being promoted.

Our goal is to provide youth the proper skill set training for restaurant and sales communication. This includes youth learning environments in the service industry with hands-on training, while serving quality meals.

The United States is home to a lucrative food service industry, which encompasses all businesses that deal with meals prepared outside the home. Unsurprisingly, both full service restaurants (FSRs) and quick service restaurants (QSRs) are part of the food service sector, however, this industry also includes catering companies, hospital and school cafeterias, coffee shops and cafes, and private chefs. Combined, the food service industry is responsible for a wide variety of jobs in the United States. In California alone, the number of U.S. restaurant and food service jobs reached nearly two million in 2019. When broken down by type, the largest share of employment in the U.S. food service industry came from waiters and waitresses in 2019, with private cooks making up the smallest share.

Food service industry in the U.S. – statistics & facts | Statista

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